How to watch Netflix for free

How to Watch Netflix for Free

Netflix is one of the largest paid streaming companies in the world. They have millions of subscribers and if you’re reading this, chances are you’ve probably heard of Netflix too. I bet you didn’t know that you can watch Netflix for free.

People love Netflix for a variety of reasons. It’s definitely a cheaper option compared to regular cable TV. So, you get to enjoy all of the original programming, movies, and TV shows while sticking to your budget.

I’ve been a big fan of Netflix and a paid subscriber forever.

The last time I checked, my dad was actually still participating in their rent-over-mail service!

If you’re trying to hold onto your Netflix subscription or join Netflix but want to keep on it for free, beyond their 30-day trial, keep reading.

How Much is Netflix?

You can get into a Netflix plan for between around $9 to $16 per month.

Plans vary based on your needs and how many screens you play it once, along with other factors. So the expense isn’t that high, especially compared to cable but if there’s an opportunity to save that $200 per year or so, why not take advantage, right?

Here are some ideas to help you get Netflix for free.

How to Get Netflix for Free?

1. 30-Day Free Trial

This first one I’ve already spilled the beans on and it is getting their 30 day free trial.

This is the easiest way to get Netflix for free. So, they give you a whole 30 days to test and try out their service. Any plan that you choose will give you the first month for free and this time will help you decide if Netflix is really for you.

If you really had no intention on paying for Netflix, keep in mind that they will collect your credit card information up front to charge you after 30-day trial ends so to avoid getting charged, just make sure to set an alarm or an alert on your phone or computer so you can cancel before the trial ends.

What you may not know is after your 30-day trial, if you do decide to continue with the service on a paid basis, if you decide to cancel within a few months afterward, Netflix will actually try to keep you on by offering you another 30 days for free!

This is a little incentive that a lot of people don’t know about so keep this in the back of your mind as well if you’d like to get another free month during the time that you have the service.

2. Join A Friends Netflix Plan

Next, you can join a friends Netflix plan.

All you have to do is get them to share their login credentials with you and then you can sign in and access, having full rein over Netflix.

I’ve never done this myself but I have had several people do this with me on my paid plan and this is how it went.

First I had my sister join my paid plan while she was in college. She was on a budget and trying to cut costs but wanted to enjoy Netflix so I let her use my plan with me.

Next, we have two other friends that currently use our plan and we’ve had this arrangement for years, no issue. They are childhood friends that we’ve known for a long time and really don’t mind sharing our Netflix subscription with them.

Plus Netflix offers a way for you to set up your own custom profile. That way what your friends watch won’t be mixed up with what you’re watching and the suggestions and preferences that Netflix serves you will truly match the kind of movies in media that you enjoy watching.

3. Get Free Netflix from Your Other Carriers

Ok, so you might not know this but if you have other services like cable, Internet, cell phone, subscriptions or anything else, a lot of those companies will offer really amazing perks and one of them might be a Netflix subscription.

For example T-Mobile offers Netflix On Us where they pay up to a certain portion of your Netflix bill.

I recently learned about this and as I am a T-Mobile customer I will definitely be taking advantage of this so I can save up to $16 a month or so. Even if they cover half of my bill which is around eight or nine dollars that’s still money saved in my pocket and I can get excited over that.

So to see if this is an option for you, do a little research and check all the companies that you have services with to inquire if they offer free Netflix or other freebies.

How to Reduce Your Netflix Bill

If you’re trying to save money on your existing Netflix bill here are four ways to cut down your bill fast.

1. Discounted Netflix Gift Cards

Finding a discount on Netflix gift cards is an awesome way to help you save on your Netflix subscription. You can do this with a lot of things actually and this is how it works.

You can buy a gift card at a discount and instantly save by using that card.

For example, you can buy a $100 Netflix gift card for $80. So you get a $100 value for 20% off. And that’s exactly how it works. You can do this with all kinds of gift cards from Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Amazon, the list goes on and on and on.

Here are the places where you could buy those discounted gift cards:

  • Raise
  • Cardpool
  • Giftcard Granny

The above sites are a mix of discounted gift card sites where you can buy gift cards on sale and gift card exchanges where you can buy and sell gift cards.

If you have gift cards that you don’t use or will never use, consider selling them on a gift card exchange.

My sister did this a few years ago when she got a red lobster gift card for her birthday from my husband. His heart was in the right place and as he is a big seafood lover he wanted her to enjoy that experience as well.

Unfortunately not knowing that she hates seafood.

So she sold that gift card in a gift card exchange to get the value out of that card!

2. Split the Cost

With splitting the cost the whole idea is to get a Netflix account that you in a bunch of your friends share. Instead of one person paying for the plan and the other friends getting access for free, everybody split the cost evenly.

So if there’s a $16 a month plan and you and your three friends want to get in on it then you would split the cost, $16, for Waze. So everyone would pay about four dollars per month toward the Netflix plan.

This is a really easy way to save around 70% to 80 With splitting the cost the whole idea is to get a Netflix account that you in a bunch of your friends share.

Instead of one person paying for the plan and the other friends getting access for free, everybody split the cost evenly. So if there’s a $16 a month plan and you and your three friends want to get in on it then you would split the cost, $16, four ways.

So everyone would pay about four dollars per month toward the Netflix plan. This is a really easy way to save around 70% to 80% per month in Netflix subscription fees.

3. Get a coupon

Next, get a coupon.

Had to keep on site and search for Netflix coupons and then use that promo code when you check out on to save money on your subscription.

One of my favorite coupon sites that I frequently use is retailmenot. And there are a ton of other coupon sites as well.

4. Cancel the Plan

If push comes to shove the biggest way to save with Netflix it is to cancel your Netflix plan and save your entire subscription cost every month.

This doesn’t mean that you have to give up media and TV necessarily. A lot of other services offer free video options like Amazon prime and there is always YouTube.

How to Make Sure You Can Afford Netflix

Here are some ideas to help you ensure that you have enough money in your budget to pay for Netflix. This is a key money skill which can be the difference between living richly and not.

This is great if the option is above just don’t work for you but you still really want Netflix. So what you can do is increase your income and or reduce your other expenses so you can make room for that Netflix expense.

1. Take Paid Online Surveys

Survey taking is the perfect gig for making a little extra cash on the side. You get the flexibility of a part-time job with the ability to take the income really into your hands making as much or as little as you’d like to you.

With paid online surveys he will partner with market research companies will pay you for your honest opinion. You walk into the survey site from your phone or desktop computer and take as many surveys as you’d like.

You get paid for each survey that you take and you earn money in various forms including beer direct deposit, PayPal, Venmo, gift cards, rewards and other ways ways.

i’ve been taking surveys often on for years and I absolutely love it. Here are some of my favorite survey sites:

If this sounds, you can read more about taking paid online surveys.

2. Online Weekend Jobs

Online weekend jobs let you work from home, which saves money on commuting to a second job. You can also work these jobs on the weekend, which provides a nice separation from your primary job.

Some ideas:

Here are 9 more online weekend jobs to check out.

3. Lower Your Utility Bill

There are things you can do to whittle your bill down to nothing. You can make these changes starting today, like timing your water usage, negotiating with the utility company, etc.

What Do You Think About Free Netflix

Is free Netflix hard to get?

It doesn’t have to be with the tips we shared in this article.

Everybody should be able to enjoy it and Netflix. I think that it makes it within reach for everybody, whether you get on a plan with your friend, find ways to lower your bills, shop at the dollar store to save on groceries, or make extra money so you can include it in your monthly budget. This advice will help you save some money on your Netflix subscription.

I hope you enjoy it comment below to let me know what you think.


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