4 Things You’re Probably Paying Too Much For

4 Things You're Probably Paying Too Much For (1)Have you ever received a bill in the mail to renew a service and you realized that 1) you were already paying for that same service with another company and 2) you were already covered for the same service by an even different company?

Here’s an example:  Are you paying for towing assistance through a company like AAA? 

Take a look at your car warranty.  Are you paying to include that?  Now check your automobile insurance policy.

Are you covered for towing? If you so then you’re already paying for that service.

I mean, you’re working your online weekend job for extra money. You don’t wanna blow that extra money by paying too much, right?

Here’s a list so you can do your own inventory and find some savings in your budget where you too, can cut the fat!

Roadside Services

So, we’ve discussed this. But start here. Take a look at what you are currently paying for, what might have duplicate coverage and what you’d be able to drop altogether.

You can save money by not renewing your roadside service and dropping the monthly towing and car rental package on your insurance because it might be covered under your car warranty.

Before you drop anything, make sure the service you keep is what you truly need, you don’t want to be under-prepared, but you also don’t want to be double-paying for services you already have covered elsewhere.

My roadside assistance is offered through my auto insurance.

There are auto clubs where you can pay a low monthly fee to get roadside too, or check in with your credit card company, bank, etc. You could have the service and not even know it!

TV Services

Here we’re talking about – Netflix, Redbox rentals, Hulu, Roku, Dish, Cable, Direct TV. 

All of it.

Many people have multiple subscriptions but a quick analysis of your viewing habits can show you what your true needs are. 

It doesn’t make sense to keep two services when one does the job.

You can save $1,022.40 this year by dropping an $80/month satellite service and skipping a $2.40 weekly trip to the big red box. 

Instead, just keep the streaming movie and TV series subscription. You might have to wait for a few weeks to watch the latest movies, but you probably won’t hate all that extra money you saved!

Phone/Internet/TV Services

We all know this, but how many of us actually DO this?

Bundle, Bundle, Bundle!

When I bundled my TV, phone, and internet, my deal was so awesome it was like I got internet free!

Check with your provider to see what options are available.

If you are going with a TV service as listed above, and you have internet or phone services, then be sure to get a bundle price.

ALSO- never feel bad asking for a discount. If you see a new customer offer, (especially when you are out of contract) be sure to ask if they will extend the deal to you.

You will have to speak to the customer retention department (rather than customer service) but they will likely offer to give you the same deal if you express your desire to go elsewhere if they can’t extend the offer to their loyal customers.


Unless you work from home then perhaps you should investigate using your cell phone as a hot spot to provide internet service for your devices.  For just a little more a month (and sometimes it is a provided service, depending on your cell plan) you can use your cell phone service to also stream the internet. 

Make sure to check into this before forking over a monthly internet service.

Alternatively, you could cut the data service from your cell phone provider and use Wi-Fi on your phone instead. Think about how and where you use the internet and make the choice that will work best for you and your family.


Use these tips to start reviewing areas where you may be over paying, and start saving today! And don’t stop there! Make a list of other areas you thought of and get to work, saving your hard-earned dollars. Your piggy bank will squeal in delight!

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4 Things You're Probably Paying Too Much For

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